What is Tocayo?

The formal Spanish definition of "tocayo" is someone who has the same name as another person. But for us, Tocayo goes further to represent everyone who shares a mutual bond of friendship, love, and support.

We may not share the same name, but the love runs deep like a family.

What's with the snake?

In honor of the formal definition of "tocayo", our iconic two-headed snake logo symbolizes two separate individuals aligned on the same path and vision.

Through our eyewear, we empower you to embrace challenges with unwavering strength, while celebrating the power of connections that uplift and support one another.

The two-headed snake was also inspired from ancient Aztec symbolism. It has been proposed that the Aztecs used the serpent as a symbol of rebirth because of its ability to shed its old skin and appear reborn.

The significance of this symbolism to our brand is explained further below...